Visiting the dentist for nervous patients

Research says that in every four people one person is haunted by the fear of turning to a dentist for help. Being terrified of a dentist might mean diverse things to diverse people. For some the mere thought of the pain they might have to undergo may be troublesome while to the others, the smell and the sounds might be related to a bad experience. The nervous patients need not worry more because there are always plenty of dentists that cater specifically for patients that have a fear of visiting a dentist. Dentists such as this one based in Sidcup, Kent are always there to cater to the needs of nervous patients.

How the dentist’s clinic can be a scary place?

The dentists place can be a scary one because of factors mentioned below.

  • Needles

For some of us it is really difficult to undergo the needle and this is one of the primary reasons why a dentist’s place becomes scary.

  • Anxiety

The fear of what might happen, the amount of pain that a person might have to undergo causes anxiety.

  • Cost

The amount of money that has to be spent on the dental procedures is what makes the place a scary one.

  • Pain

It is really difficult to bear the pain resulting in making dentist’s place a scary location.

Why people are nervous of dentists?

Different people develop different types of anxieties due to different reasons. Some of the reasons why people might be scared of dentists are

  • Feeling of lack of control and helplessness

Anxiety may be triggered if people feel helpless as people have to sit still during the entire procedure and no one can predict the amount of pain that has to be dealt with.

  • Previous discomforting experiences

For the people who have had dental procedures in the past, the discomfort that was previously dealt with before will always act as a hindrance in the coming operations.

  • Embarrassment

Some of us might not like the idea of a total stranger peeping inside our mouths. Physical closeness might also be the reason of a person’s embarrassment.

  • Pain

The fear of pain that grips a person might act as a barrier in visiting a dentist. This feeling might also be there because in the past there was no pain free dentistry.

Tips to lessen the dental fear

For the ones who are anxious about turning to a dentist for help, some of the tips to mitigate the dental fear are as follows:

  • Hunt for a dentist who is understanding

It is always good to ask your friends and family for a dentist who has the expertise in handling anxious patients. After a suitable dentist has been selected it is wise to visit him and inform him about the anxiety level of the patient well in advance. The first interaction will also help in knowing the dentist better.

  • Take a friend along to help you out

This is the perfect way to keep oneself distracted and not think about the surgery.

  • Fix on a signal that can be used to signal the dentist for a break

Agreeing on a signal will help a patient to feel more control.

  • Listening to music

To ease one and to relax music can be the perfect solution.